Pilates Northwich Cheshire

Private & Group Pilates Classes in Northwich

Pilates is done on either on a one 2 one basis with another person or in a small group. It is an invaluable form of exercise to any individual & has so many benefits.

To name a few..it’s great for core strength/stability, improved balance, body awareness, coordination, stronger pelvic floor, reduced lower back pain, flatter stomach & the reduction of stress levels.

Breathing is an integral part of Pilates, and each exercise is led by its own pattern of breath. The breathing pattern & concentration will allow the non working muscles to relax whilst the working muscles contract. Exercises flow from one to another in a controlled & precise fashion.

Pilates has a holistic approach of strengthening the whole body & balancing the length- tension relationship in muscles so that their optimal function can be restored. It has a calming effect on the nervous system which is why it is beneficial for stress & anxiety

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