Hi I'm Lucy

I 'm a Fitness & Nutritional Coach in Northwich, Cheshire

I have worked in the fitness industry for 22 years, I began my career as a fitness and class instructor after completing a Diploma in Health and Fitness and Exercise Science. I went onto being a personal trainer and have worked with a variety of clients.

My specialities are sports specific training, weight loss/muscle gain and postural correction training.

My career progressed into fitness management and I managed a corporate gym at Sony’s headquarters.

My passion is in helping people achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals which is why I decided to take myself away from management and focus on personal training.

I had always exercised at a high level for years and have completed the London marathon and other 10k races.

I was always able to stick to a strict nutritional plan, until I had my daughter who is now 6. I am single parent to my daughter and have little time for myself and I have periods where my nutrition is below par and my exercise is inconsistent due to time/ energy etc. This is something I can now relate to others, as it is a very common theme. It’s not about being perfect and sticking to a strict exercise regime and nutrition plan, but working on how to modify things gradually to improve nutrition and bad eating habits and implementing exercise and activity into your life.

I am passionate, not just about helping people look their best, but to feel their best, to be more confident, become healthier and to function better physically and mentally, and to minimise physical pain and prevent injury.
I will work with each client to improve their posture and help them to move optimally in order for them to achieve maximum training results!

I will maintain regular contact to keep you focused and motivated and have accountability.

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